The Speaker

Travis works exclusively with the Core Values Index (CVI) assessment empowering teams and individuals to reach incredible levels of performance both professionally and personally.  He brings an entertaining yet highly informative presentation every time he speaks to individuals, groups, teams and conferences.

While working in various organizations, Travis encountered professionals experiencing varying levels of dissatisfaction in their careers. After inquiring if these professionals would pursue the same careers if they had to do it all over again, most stated they would not. From those experiences Travis decided to pursue a life path to assist people in finding their highest and best contributions, paths that lead people to higher levels of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Travis now works with clients that span several industries and areas of business. He has assisted numerous customers in achieving higher levels of profitability and efficiency. He has helped clients achieve industry-beating results through his attention to the critical components of business management and ensuring the right people are in the right seats..

Through his consultation work, Travis has helped over thirty clients achieve exceptional success by implementing people-oriented business strategies in less than two years. He also led more than twenty clients to turn around their failing operation by placing the right people in the right seats, sometimes producing a 300% increase in profit and 200% growth rate.

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